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According to McLuhan:

“With the development of Industry M A is a production format to video (visual) based on ALE production. The situation, which is important, classic production and marketing will show a correct recording to information economies. The video connected technologies are critical tools of such a change. The final eyelefletsel of technologies will produce the final eyeleflimal oil of the technologies and the future century healthy social flablons. For example, the new master-permissible telecoclation company, which is dedicated to all types of data that is dedicated to all types of data, thanks to continuous database, prefer preferences. For individual consumers who give the signal, continuously, the order will produce appropriate products and services. The use of the use of the use will be both manufacturer and consumer. “

The use of the use of the use of the use and the manufacturer will be discussed in the “New Media” section. My world of world and internet technology is a new social structure. It was mentioned that the network concept in the unit has occurred in a network society according to the Manual Castells. Castells opened the AA¤ society as in the following: At the end of the 1990s, the communication power of the internet at the end of the internet with the developments in telecommunications and computer areas, without central, separate microcomputer (usualized today > Z Desktops and Laptops) Inserting in multi-change formats from main circles, the blood is connected to each other thanks to the Computerization of Computerization to a technological value of the company thanks to each other. led to. In this new technological system, the computer in the technological system has a temperature in the organizational transformation of the network servers having the capacity to access the MEGA servers using joint internet protocols. Used C> s home, receiving, receiving, receiving, underwriting, Netnesses

In the vehicles, the preparation and the native areas are published to all areas of life, are able to connect to the monitoring of the sole purpose and experiencing. Most of these devices (for example, the new generation mobile phones) are able to establish a transformation of themselves to be a transformation system for themselves (for example, nowadays used in the Bluetooth technology) .. . Web sites are able to communicate with each other. To be connected to a universal computer network, they are necessary to be connected.

The previously mentioned developments are illegally involved in historical conditions. Each fle has a reason as a result. The results are also creating the reasons for the next other; In this sense, in the period of 2000 of the 1970s, the development of information and communication technologies are developed and the life of its life. Mentioned developments are the premises of the new media concept.